Saturday, November 05, 2005

Got Music? Got Movies? want your way???

Games First says
""At a low price point... the software alone would be an incredible value. Comparable programs that allow effects, mixing and enveloping of audio and video, like you can do with the TrakAx software, cost upwards of $500. But the cost of the StikAx also includes the innovative controller, which pushes this over the edge to an insanely good deal.""
What HIFI says
"“This is easily one of the most interesting digital music accessories we've seen..Don't just listen to digital music- make some.""

What is this?

Well it is
The Ministry of Sound StikAx is a fun, easy-to-use, real-time music mixer that you hold in your hand.

With the StikAx, you can take any music or video content, simply assign it to buttons on the StikAx and mix your music and video on the fly; be it a remix of the latest hit or your own unique creation, allowing you the freedom to experiment and also the freedom to use your intuition as to how it should sound or look. All your creations are recorded event by event, so if you create something great, it's saved for you. You can then re-edit the piece using professional effects and settings - it's all provided. Now you're ready to share your creations with your friends, family or even impress a record boss! - it's a studio in your hands.

* MIX MUSIC, MOVIES AND PHOTOS NOWAs simple as click, drag-and-drop and you can turn your PC into a dynamic mixing studio.INSTANTNo music or video experience needed - you can mix like a DJ now.INTENSEAllows you to literally 'get into the mix' remove the shackles of the computer keyboard.PROGRESSIVEFrom absolute beginners through to advanced users - you can choose a level to suit you.COLLABORATIVEHook up multiple StikAxs to your PC to mix music and video with friends unprecedented freedom for experimentation and interaction.GREAT FEATURESTurn your PC into your own basement studio.Full interactivity using the StikAx as a sophisticated music and video mixer.Simple user interface.Professional music and video effects and settingsRecord in your own voice with any USB microphone.Hundreds of pre-recorded loops and video clips.Browse and preview all media content on your PC.System Requirements & Technical InformationThe Ministry of Sound StikAx is a plug-and-play device.StikAx conforms to all international safety and radiation regulations.The StikAx comes with a limited warranty and is CE and FCC compliant.

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