Thursday, November 10, 2005

New sort of gadgets, if you got the money!

Virtual property market booming!

An Island about $26,500.00 real money

Space Station about $100,000.00 real money
The guy who spent money on the island, The 23-year-old gamer known as Deathifier made the money back in under a year.
The virtual Treasure Island he bought existed within the online role-playing game Project Entropia.
He made money by selling land to build virtual homes as well as taxing other gamers to hunt or mine on the island.
Project Entropia offers gamers the chance to buy and sell virtual items using real cash, a trend which is gaining popularity as the boundaries between the virtual and real worlds continue to blur.
Last month, another of Entropia's virtual properties - a virtual space station - sold at auction for about $$100,000.00.
Game itself is free but items online are not. Playrs can spend real money playing the game.

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