Friday, November 18, 2005

Now Sony story is getting Lame!

Now Sony story is getting Lame!COPY-PROTECTION software used by Sony Seem to have violated some others copyrights!
"Multiple software components on the CD have references to the LAME open source MP3 code," Finnish software developer Matti Nikki said.
"We can confirm that at least 5 functions in the XCP software are identical to functions in LAME," said Thomas Dullien of German security software firm Saber Security, which specialises in the analysis of complex software.
open source reference in the copy-protection software is never mentioned anywhere and they supposed to under LGPL licence which LAME player is released.
"That's the flipside of open source: If you don't respect the open source rules, the old regime of copy protection comes back in full force," Dutch lawyer and internet specialist Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm said.
"We can confirm the existence of significant amounts of code from FAAC (which is LGPL) in the executable ... These functions are part of ECDPlayerControl.ocx, thus directly integrated into the executable," Mr Dullien said.
These are some bits from varous publishers, I will post more once I get a story together.
Darkside may be powerfull, Sony this is no Godzilla!

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