Friday, November 18, 2005

Today;s Sony related advise, How to get a rootkit array!

Lame Sony (more on the lame matter later!) Has a way for you to distribute 200 rootkits at once!
Vaio, I used to like the, and as I said before, I gave my Sony Vaio away! I explained the situation, got the latest drivers for the notebook, without visiting sony site, Pointed to timbaktu, My firewall blocks all known sony sites, out going!
Anyway I have a Brand new Toshiba notebook and a Brand New Compaq notebook all under $1400. But they are good, one a 64 bit AMD with 1.2GB memory and a 60GB drive, CD/DVD burner. The other is a mobile Pentium 4 with 764MB memory and 80GB Drive also with a CD/DVD burner. Both have Bright screen 15.4 inch screens. I love this country! Where else would you get deals like this, Both from Compusa!
This is from a guy, always had sony notebook! Eat this Sony! I will harp to everyone that I know, about what you did.
I work in the computer field, I already turned away two possible Sony sales to other vendors. Apology from you will be accepted, if made in pulic to every one you hurt.

Back to headline, Sony has a gadget that can burn 200 disks at once! No not industrial, it is a consumer device. It comes with a dual layer capable 200 DVD/CD burner, If you want a life time of rootkits, go find this one and some sony CD's!

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Re : Today;s Sony related advise, How to get a rootkit array!

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