Monday, November 07, 2005

Women will never again have to worry about runs in their stockings.

"This product is really easy to use; it dries very quickly - you just have to spread it over your skin," explained Hanae Seki, the cosmetics manager at the Sony Plaza store in Tokyo's Ginza district.
"It's perfect for Japan's summer season, when traditional stockings are too hot. We're selling several hundred bottles a month - people are coming from all over Japan to buy them."

The product is called the Air-Stocking - a fine, silk aerosol spray.
Available in terracotta, natural or bronze colours, they cost about $12. You get about 20 pairs of stockings in one can.
The inventor, Yoshiumi Hamada, explains his inspiration from his cramped office above a women's swimwear shop.
"The idea came to me about three years ago, in the middle of summer. One of the women who works here said she didn't want to wear stockings because it was too hot and she said she'd like to wear sandals to show off her pedicure," Mr Hamada said.
Read more at BBC's Quentin Sommerville's report

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