Friday, December 09, 2005

Car gadget for speed freaks!

Otto- driving companion™ reinforces driving focus and provides drivers with an opportunity to drive with extra care, and to potentially save money from speeding fines, crashes, increased insurance premiums, and increased license fees.

Persen Technologies Inc. (PERSENTECH)
announced today that it has added Ottawa to its list of major municipalities where its marquee road safety product, Otto- driving companion™, will operate. Two additional municipalities will be added shortly further extending its geographic market base.

OttoTM is a device designed to promote safe driving by completing existing roadway signage. OttoTM provides a driver of a vehicle with immediate feedback of their driving behaviour on every road within a municipality, principally real-time speeding notification. OttoTM also alerts the driver to the driving environment using voice prompt and visual alerts on approach to potentially hazardous intersections, school zones, Red Light Camera enforced intersections, Pedestrian Crosswalks and Deer Crossings.
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