Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hand Cranked $100 Laptop enters Manufacturing

Remember the article Geemodo: Hand Cranked Notebook! I wrote a few weeks ago! Now the MIT Media lab has chosen a manufacturer. Horay, Some power chip at INTEL that said these kids "don't need gadgets, (Mind you, this was said to an audience in Sri Lanka, where buying an Intel based laptop would cost somewhere around 120,000 Rupees. The country has (I am getting frustrated by the minute about these corporate baggies who think the world is their two B***s)1.3 million people earning less than $1 a day!
But look at their dedication to education!

IndicatorYearSri LankaSouth & South-East Asia (R-1)WorldSource
Gross primary school enrollment ratio, male (I-43)

1998-2002111102104UNICEF, 2005
Gross primary school enrollment ratio, female (I-43)

1998-20021108897UNICEF, 2005
Gross secondary school enrollment ratio, male (I-43)

1998-2002725166UNICEF, 2005
Gross secondary school enrollment ratio, female (I-43)

1998-2002773961UNICEF, 2005

And here what this guy, a moron, by my personal opinion, has to say;
""Mr. Negroponte has called it a $100 laptop--I think a more realistic title should be 'the $100 gadget'," Barrett was quoted as saying at a news conference in Sri Lanka." Read the specs of the gadget moron!

I am sure these kids will appreciate something, anything that will help them learn. I like to see what Mr. Barrett has for these kids. Xmas Balls? Please not yours, they lack content.
I checked google news about The $100 laptop production being awarded to Taiwanese Quanta. But no one brave enough to actually give a link to MIT Media Lab, May be for the fear of those centerino ads being lost? Or am I paranoid?

Anyway the production will go on and those children will get their gadgets so they can learn well and design chips for Mr.barrett later on.
You want one of these? you have a long wait but until then, you can go here to get info on how to make one!

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