Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Digital Music Store for Nectar By Hip Digital

Vancouver, Canada - August 27 2008 - Hip Digital Media, the leading consumer experience network, and Nectar, the UK’s leading loyalty card, today announced the launch of the Nectar Digital Music Store. Available for the first time from any Loyalty Program in the UK, music can be downloaded in a high quality MP3 format and is compatible with virtually any digital music device. With more than one million songs from the music catalogues of EMI, SONY BMG, Warner Music, and The Orchard, songs will be available for download at

“We are very excited about the opportunity to enable and operate Nectar's custom branded download music store, further extending our global partnership with Groupe Aeroplan”, said Mark Holden, President and CEO of Hip Digital Media. “Through our strong relationships with content providers, we are able to lead the UK market which allows us to work closer with our partners, and continue to develop new channels for marketing, promoting and selling music.”

Nectar cardholders will be able to purchase bundles of song credits with their Nectar points, allowing them maximum flexibility to download music at their leisure. The launch of Nectar Music Store will be supported with a multi-faceted marketing campaign including a custom branded website accessible through the Nectar homepage, e-marketing, direct mail, POS across partner locations and a public relations campaign. In the coming weeks there will be an announcement of a major artist experiential campaign that will offer unique access and on-going opportunities exclusively created for Nectar collectors.

“We want to give our collectors the best possible digital music experience. By providing DRM-free downloads that are compatible with any music player, we’re giving our cardholders greater choice and flexibility,” said John Sheekey, Marketing Director for Nectar. “This is a first for a UK loyalty card and we’re excited to be leading the way in the ever popular world of online digital music.”

Hip Digital Media is also the agency behind the Aeroplan Music Store, which launched with industry breaking success in Canada last year. The Nectar Music Store represents the second collaboration with Aeroplan since Nectar was acquired by for the two companies since Loyalty Management Group (LMG) sold to Aeroplan, Canada’s premier loyalty marketing company, in December 2007.

Monday, August 25, 2008

US Broadband Speeds Are Low,

The has released a new survey results of broadband speeds of United States, which lags behind many other industrial countries. But the lag is too large to be comfortable. For an example, Japan's average download is around 68MB/S where we in USA chugs along with 2.35MB/S average. Although I did not see the price mentioned in the report, from peronal experience, 100MB/s fiber connection is not more costly than this higher than avarage connection that I am experincing here in California.
There are many uses for high bandwidth broadband for anyone, which could range from IPTV, VoIP, Video Over IP are some of the uses. Think about your family using two video calls at a time or two VoIP calls. Our infrastructure could hardly manage a single voip call.
The second annual survey of actual Internet speeds of users nationwide shows that the United States has not made significant improvements in deploying high-speed broadband networks in the past year. Our nation continues to lag behind other industrial nations and currently is ranked 15th in the percentage of residents who have broadband access.
You can read more and add your speedtest to the site by visiting

Monday, August 18, 2008

Earn Money Through Your Feeds With AdSense For Feeds.

MyAdlets has an article and a video telling you how to increase your income with you website or blog feeds.
Google introduced the new Adsense for Feeds as it was retiring AdSense referrals. So don't forget to remove any links related to AdSense Referrals and enhance your sites income with ads in your feeds.
AdSense For Feeds Are In My Feeds Now! | MyADLETS, The Viral Frontier.
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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Ubuntu The “Best Desktop Solution” Again!

Today at LinuxWorld Conference and Expo 2008 in San Francisco, California, Ubuntu won the “Best Desktop Solution” Product Excellence Award for a second time, consecutively.

“Judged by a group of respected industry experts managed by, the LinuxWorld Product Excellence Awards recognize product and service innovations by LinuxWorld® and NGDC exhibitors.
Product Excellence Awards are divided into 12 product categories, including a “Best of Show,” that represent major areas of innovation in the Linux and open source community. “

Sunday, August 03, 2008

AdSense Keywords Research With Google Adwords Keyword Tool

If you are any kind of website or blog and plan to promote it via SEO or Search Engine Optimization, you need to concentrate on keywords. Without proper keywords it will be hard to get visitors to your sites from search engines. Basically keywords are what web surfers enter into search engines to find products and services or information that they are looking for. So you need to generate keywords that are best matched to your site. Once the they are found you need to sprinkle those within your site and search engine spiders will find those easily.
So where do I go for Keyword Research? there are a few places that I go but the most often I end up at Google.
The Google Adwords Keyword Tool used to be available only to Adwords customers but since recently public could access the tool without any hindrance. You can use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to generate a list of top keywords on any descriptive word, phrase, product or website address. The generated list of keywords are also rated based on the amount of advertisers bidding on them, search volume in a particular month, and the average search volume. So if you are an AdSense Publisher, these high paying keywords could be used on your site to attract high paying AdSense ads.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Advance fee fraud alias Nigerian 419 fraud Being Applied To Web / Blog Ads.

If you get requests via email requesting placement of an advertisement on your site, be careful. Fraudsters are at work.
Your Next Web Advertisement Request May Come From Nigeria! | MyADLETS, The Viral Frontier.: "Advance fee fraud alias Nigerian 419 fraud"

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