Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Brush Your Cows For Happiness (Theirs) And Profit (Yours)

According to Trendhunter, "The cow brush improves animal welfare by increasing blood circulation while keeping the cows clean, busy and calm. A cow brush promotes cow traffic and natural behaviour. It contributes to the herd’s overall well. Cows will not scratch themselves against the interior any longer, which saves costs and prevents accidents. Increased cow performance is also achieved through better feed intake and milk yield."


Google Docs Get Find and Replace

Cloud Computing
Google Docs have added find and replace and it could be used by either from tool bar, edit menu or by simply pressing CTRL + F.
I usually use find and replace because I can't write nor spell properly. As Google Docs blog says, there will be many uses for this function and happy to see that Google DOcs getting more functionality. Follow the link to read more and to get links to some other articles regarding the same.
Official Google Docs Blog: Find (and replace) my favo(u)rite colo(u)r and much, much more