Friday, February 04, 2011

Take a trip To Cowboys Stadium In 3D

Cowboys Stadium, Arlington TX In 3D” 
Everyone knows it is cold in Texas, specially for us here in Cali, with weather reaching 70s! :) . But cold or not, in two days, the Cowboys Stadium will be the center of the earth for us football fans.
I am not lucky enough to be in the stadium, not even near it, but we are all stacked up with beer and other drinks food and we are going to enjoy the 76 degree weather on Sunday.

But the good news is that, Google Earth can take us to the center of the earth mentioned above in 3D.
Just click on "The center of the earth" and you will be taken there.
If you have Google Earth PC, Google Earth iPhone or Google Earth Android, installed search for “Cowboys Stadium, Arlington TX
Enjoy the Super Bowl, have fun!
Never mind what any one says, Thank God for America, Thank God for Football!
Google LatLong: Take a trip to the Super Bowl with Google Earth

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