Friday, December 23, 2005

Case Mods and weird Gadgets

If you thought your case mod was great, check these out. I don't think I will have such gadgets for my computers. My mods, gizmos and gadgets go inside the case. All my cases are at least two years old but insides, I got to tell you in another geemodo story. Anyway just say they are top!
The story features 10 most weirdest case mods but if you go through the track backs and comments, you will find more. Some might be self promotion. But if you are reading this then you do have time in hands! So why not see what other case modders do! Happy Holidays!
By the way I thought WMD was cool! Which is the top right corner. But you might think this is cool, below! Which is the number one on the given site.

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