Sunday, December 25, 2005

iTunes replacement? seem to be from OSS!! or SONGBIRD to sing iTunes.

They say it is firefox for music according to CNET news site.
If digital-music veteran Rob Lord wanted to court controversy with his new open-source start-up, he probably couldn't have done much better than to compare Apple Computer's iTunes software to Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser.
Apple's iTunes is "like Internet Explorer, if Internet Explorer could only browse," Lord said. "We love Apple, and appreciate and thank them for setting the bar in terms of user experience. But it's inevitable that the market architecture changes as it matures."
An Apple representative declined to comment.
Among the online music giants and players, Microsoft's Media Player accounts for 45 percent of all PC music playing, Apple's iTunes captures 17 percent, and the rest fall off sharply from there, according to U.S. statistics from the NPD Group.

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