Tuesday, December 20, 2005

PSP to Big Screen is here

Although I promised not to publish anything about sony gadgets, I thought I would publish this as it is from another company and many of you have PSP's in your hand.
The Blaze PSP to TV Projector has been available in shops since December 19th. Manufactured by Fire International the gadget will beam the screen on your PSP to almost any TV, LCD, Projector or Plasma screen with AV connections.
This innovation requires no modification to your handheld and clips neatly on top of the PSP.
In a Press Release Managing Director of Fire International, Jason Cooper said:
"The PSP to TV Projector offers users the first opportunity to view their PSP content on the screen of their choice. From the feedback we have received from PSP owners, the ability to use their console via the TV was undoubtedly the No. 1 product on their wish lists. Unique titles such as the PSP only GTA: Liberty Stories is a typical example of an "exclusive to PSP" title that can now be enjoyed on the big screen"
If you want to buy one this is the place to go.
You can see a demo here

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