Friday, December 09, 2005

Sony DRM ROOTKIT, Suncomm, EFF new removal tool, yet the consumer problems don't go away.

After writing about Sony rootkit stuff, here, here, here, and here, the first post, I thought I could forget about writing about it and continue doing my normal stuff. But the gadgets, gizmos and toys have to wait it seems.
After all the court cases, theories of breaking IPOD and Itunes, Sony problems still linger. Now their patches are requiring patches. These products should not have been there in the first place and now consumers have to go on patching their computers, just to get some work done!
By the way Sony has released a rootkit uninstaller, you don't have to use the web based uninstaller they earlier offered. But with the trust I have in Sony, let researchers do their work first before trying to use it.

Well, windows updates, spyware updates, virus updates and now add sony patches update to your list. How about other music publishers? I think these researchers will continue to watch for these rootkits. And I will continue writing about them.
By the way in the form of boycotting Sony, I have guided myself to get an Olympus Digital camera (Review coming soon) instead of a Sony cybershots, HP computer for my friend, instead of Sony PC, Samsung DVR in place of Sony. So Sony, start counting, these small numbers add up.

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