Sunday, April 02, 2006

True Democratic online revolution

New gadget or gizmo for online world!
What if I am to tell you that today a webmaster in Manila:Philippines, New Delhi:India, Tokyo:Japan or San Francisco:USA could get paid same amount for doing the same work! Be that person a man, woman or a teenager! You will certainly tell me that I am dreaming. Well dream on, I am pretty awake. Also all those out sourcing opponents can rejoice. No more sweatshop prices.
So who is this employer? It happens to be GOOGLE and all those peoples are Google's shadow employees earning the same through Googles adsense program.
The Program provides any website to promote Google ads and get paid for clicks generated from ones site. So if you have a good site with many visitors, well sign up and start raking in some money.
Like this article says, some people have given up their day jobs, with the income from Adsense.

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