Sunday, November 12, 2006

Google Docs & Spreadsheets gets 4/5 from PC MAG

Google Docs & Spreadsheets, which I use everyday now, got reviewed by Edward Mendelson
and it is worthwhile reading. It not just because I don't Like the bloated M$ apps, in any case it is Open Office for me for my day to day work on my desktop. The review on PC magazine gives you a picture of what you could do with Google Docs & Spreadsheets.
It describes very well some of the functions that I use very well;
"Though Google Docs doesn't try to match Microsoft Word's overpowering feature set, it does let you create fully formatted documents complete with pictures, tables, and hyperlinks. You can also upload documents as Word, RTF, HTML, OpenOffice, and plain text files and download documents in Word, RTF, HTML, OpenOffice, and PDF formats. The program has more power than you see on the menu. For example, if you upload a Word file with footnotes or endnotes, Writely displays the notes correctly, lets you edit their content, and exports them correctly—although you can't create new notes within Writely unless you make tricky manual edits to the underlying HTML.

You can invite other people to read or edit your document by entering their e-mail addresses on a form, and a toolbar notifies you if someone else is editing a document at the same time as you are. Revisions are synchronized every few seconds. If someone else deletes a sentence while you're adding words to it, a pop-up lets you preserve the words you were adding, but if you want to get back the sentence that your colleague deleted, you'll have to click on a Revisions tab and extract the sentence from the earlier versions that Writely stores automatically. A convenient button lets you compare two earlier versions, with the differences highlighted by color-coding. "

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