Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Zune Ranks #2 but like 60 miles behind in a 100 mile race

After writing ti last article I did some more research. Yes Zune is ranked number two behind Apple's iPOD. The iPod remains No. 1 with 63 percent of unit sales and 72.5 percent of the dollar share. So what is the Zune share? it is nine percent of unit sales and 13 percent of the total dollar share during its first week on store shelves.

So it is like;
for unit sales and
for Dollar value. The above graphs (if you are to call them graphs! are not accurate) shows them. I do not know what future holds, looks like apple is going full steam in this field and the question is will Zune hold the steam and do some catching up. Just because Apple had the in the market advantage, don't complain about it. Do the due diligences to bring a product to market. Me too some times works.
Anyway, I do not use MP3 players, because I stopped buying music long long time ago, in protest to RIAA. The only music I listen is on the radio when I am in the car. Those classic music I have at home do wonders, when I need them.
What I want to say is that If I wanted a MP3 player, I would get an iPOD, not a Zune. I have a Creative 1GB player just to record my meetings!
Good luck Zune.

SFGate article

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