Friday, July 06, 2007

Microsoft uses Live Earth to push Zune with forced AD! Shame on you Bill!

I am all for Green Earth and I loved the idea of Live Earth. So like a good world citizen I went to the site! Hoping to watch Australia. After finding a PC that runs Internet Explorer, (Because the show does not support other browsers like Firefox in full regalia! See the capture below.
What do I see bloody Zune ad which I could not change. M$ if you want to do a ad campaign for you Zune is your business! But putting forced ads on a good cause like Live Earth is shameful! Live Earth is not yours, I hope you will take the ad out or at least allow users to by pass it!
Shame on you! for turning Live Earth into Marketing event for you!
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Steven said...

i am really mad that i have to use IE. i would much rather keep it in my Opera browser or firefox but not you cant.

Steven said...

i am so mad that i have to use IE. i would prefer to use my Opera browser or even firefox but MS wants to have it all for them selves.