Monday, September 10, 2007

Doing some real work with GMail with a little help from little known features.

Official Gmail Blog: Top 10 little-known Gmail features (Part 2)
This little info actually helped me. I use GMail extensively and yes I had to schedule many an event via email. I used to send the email and then create an event to match what I did with the email. But this little fact given in the article (The link above) saved the day! Funny how you don't see many things that are obvious!.
"1. Create event
Since I use Gmail and Google Calendar at work (through Google Apps), I'm constantly emailing people about meetings, and scheduling them on everyone's calendars. When I'm writing an email to set up an event, I can actually do it all from within Gmail by clicking the "Add event info" link below the subject line. Then choose the time and location for the meeting or party. When you send the email, the event details will be added to to your Google Calendar, and Gmail will send an invitation to the email recipients to add it to their calendars as well."


Ken said...

When I compose mail, I don't have the 'Add Event Info' link. Is this something that only works if you use Google Apps? I do have a Gamail account on the same username.

ravenII said...

When you click on compose Mail, in the new window, top right hand corner will have add event info just above Check Spelling.
If you are still not able to see, let me know, I will work with you. Perhaps send you some screen captures.

Ken said...

It's not there. I can send you a screen capture?