Monday, April 14, 2008

KML 2.2 Is An Open Geospatial Consortium Standard.

Today where every company is trying to make their formats standards with big fights and expenses, there are some that become standards by themselves.
Google has given us a few open standards, the Google Geo APIs and the way that KML has been used all across the web to express geographic content, and people have been using them for long time in internet standards that they have become part of the life through mashups, directions, waypoints etc.
But now the the KML has been crowned as an official OGC standard by the Open Geospatial Consortium. This means that KML is not just a Google Earth standard, it's not even just a Google standard. It is now an official standard for presenting geographic data. Read more about this great news on the LatLong blog;
Google LatLong: KML: A new standard for sharing maps

But also don't forget to read this post by EarthBrowser which sees a whole different side of it;
EarthBrowser: KML, libkml and the "standard" mistake
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