Tuesday, June 10, 2008

GeeMoDo, What Is In A Name, "Thousand Dollar Opportunity Of Our Times".

Yes Gee More 'll do, I like that better. If you follow the first post on this blog, it was done with bringing new ideas and the last deduction was that this is a "thousand Dollar fashion point". But it also could be "Thousand Dollar Opportunity Of Our Times".
We will continue to write in the same manner but we will focus more in making bloggers life easier. There are enough people bashing M$ anyway. (We will certainly write if we find the right thing).
The idea came because, one of our Blogs, MyAdlets, which is dedicated to Internet and Online Advertising, had to write about; NoFollow, DoFollow ! U Comment, I Follow with iFollow. We also promised to continue to provide information the subject. Doing reserch about the subject revealed that we will have to write more than one article. That is throwing MyAdlets, the advertising blog, out of the path. So we decided that we will bring the subject over here and continue to write thousands more articles on the same lines and thoughts.
So let us make a Gee More.
Geemodo: What is GEEMODO?

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