Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Warner Music Crawls Back to YouTube

After stepping away from YouTube last December and starting to pull off songs and making copyright claims or flagging thousands of clips from artists on Warner label, and making fans angry, sad and Warner coffers less full, Warner music has woken up.
Finally Warner seem to have come to senses and are back on Youtube. I think mostly they got worried about "YouTube Musicians Launching a Label". With all these, I like to know what RIAA thinks about the happenings?
YouTube Blog: Warner Music Comes Back to YouTube

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Google Chrome For Windows Beta Update

The Google Chrome is becoming my favorite browser because it is supporting what I need even it is still in beta. I work with multiple browser windows and tabs and so far only Chrome has provided me with opportunity to recover gracefully from crashes that create due to the nature of my development and testing environment.
So I keep my on the development of Chrome and the Windows Beta channel has been updated to a newer version, which brings us
better international support and stability/bug fixes for the New Tab page and themes support.

You can install the current Beta channel release from Chrome beta site or if you have Chrome already installed, simply select "About Google Chrome" from tools menu and it will offer you to updae to the newer version. (After update, I had to restart twice to get it working properly.)

Google Chrome Releases: Beta Update