Monday, March 29, 2010

Newzbin Liable For Copyright Infringment, Finds UK Judge.

The London High Court court case between Twentieth Century Fox, Universal, Warner Bros., Paramount, Disney, Columbia Pictures against Newzbin Ltd has ended with judge finding Newzbin liable for the copyright infringement. Newzbin will be required to filter out illegal copies of movies from its NZB index.
Torrentfreak says that

Justice Kitchin found that:
i) Newzbin operates a site “designed and intended to make infringing copies of films readily available to its premium members”.
ii) The site is structured to promote infringement by guiding members to infringing copies via NZBs.
iii) Use of the NZB feature “inevitably” results in the creation of an infringing copy.
iv) Newzbin encouraged and induced its editors to make reports of movies protected by copyright and assisted users to infringe by providing advice.
v) Newzbin profited from infringement.
Well I guess $1 million operation will come to an end, spring the site again somewhere else and when the movie houses get there and another $1 million later, hop to another countery.

Friday, March 26, 2010

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