Monday, February 28, 2011

The Document Foundation ( LibreOffice ) Raises €50,000 In Eight days!

If you are a LibreOffice user, you can be rest assured that good news is covering the The Document Foundation, which is responsible for the LibreOffice, the free personal productivity suite.
I have been a OpenOffice user for a very long time but I have moved over to LibreOffice because, unrestricted freedom it offers.
It is very good news in many a fronts, one way we assured that LibreOffice and The Document Foundation will continue to operate and provide the valuable service. But most important is that people like you and me, trusts and supports The Document Foundation. If OpenOffice allowed you to be free of clutches of M$, now you can soar free with OpenOffice, Please visit.
Even if you cannot make a financial contribution, please help by spreading the word and introducing people to the LibreOffice.
Following is a exact post on the Document Foundation blog;

The Community around LibreOffice, the free personal productivity suite, has accomplished the next major milestone in establishing The Document Foundation as a legal entity. In just eight days, some 2,000 donors from all over the world contributed €50,000 for the capital stock necessary to set-up the legal entity in Germany.
“We still can’t believe it,” says Florian Effenberger, Steering Committee member. “It happened in such a short period of time and was beyond our wildest expectations. You all really rock! On behalf of the Community, the Steering Committee would like to thank all the donors for their generous support.”
The €50,000 collected will form the Foundation’s paid-up capital, ensuring a permanent future for the organization after the legal paperwork is complete, based in Germany. The capital will be frozen assets for the Foundation: the funds cannot be spent, and we will be able to avail just the annual interest. All money donated from now on will actually bankroll our ongoing running costs for things such as marketing, hardware, infrastructure, attending trade shows, initial financing of merchandising material and, of course, developing new and exciting ideas.
“So we still need your support: Every donation helps to pay for our future operational running,” Effenberger adds.
Details on how to donate to The Document Foundation and how the money will be spent are available at
Information about LibreOffice can be found at
The home of The Document Foundation is at
About The Document Foundation
The Document Foundation has the mission of facilitating the evolution of the LibreOffice community into a new, open, independent, and meritocratic organization over the next few months. An independent Foundation is a better reflection of the values of our contributors, users and supporters, and will enable a more effective, efficient and transparent community. TDF will protect past investments by building on the achievements of the first decade, will encourage wide participation within the community, and will co-ordinate activity across the community.
Media Contacts
Florian Effenberger (Germany)
Mobile: +49 151 14424108 – E-mail:
Olivier Hallot (Brazil)
Mobile: +55 21 88228812 – E-mail:
Charles H. Schulz (France)
Mobile: +33 6 98655424 – E-mail:
Italo Vignoli (Italy)
Mobile: +39 348 5653829 – E-mail:

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Google Code Jam Africa and Arabia 2011!

Google Code Jam is a coding competition in which professional and student programmers are asked to solve complex algorithmic challenges in a limited amount of time. The contest is all-inclusive: Google Code Jam lets you program in the coding language and development environment of your choice.

Want to match wits with coders across the continent, test your skills on some tough algorithmic problems, or win a prize? Register now for Code Jam Africa and Arabia!

Interested in Google internships? Register now and let us know! Outstanding performance in Code Jam Africa and Arabia 2011 may be considered if you apply for an internship at our European Headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

Need even more coding? Ready to take on the world? Join Google's global Code Jam 2011!

Do you enjoy solving tough problems and grappling with technical challenges? You can practice on our past contests. If this is your first time competing in a Code Jam event, take a look at our Quick-Start Guide to learn the basics of how to compete.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Take a trip To Cowboys Stadium In 3D

Cowboys Stadium, Arlington TX In 3D” 
Everyone knows it is cold in Texas, specially for us here in Cali, with weather reaching 70s! :) . But cold or not, in two days, the Cowboys Stadium will be the center of the earth for us football fans.
I am not lucky enough to be in the stadium, not even near it, but we are all stacked up with beer and other drinks food and we are going to enjoy the 76 degree weather on Sunday.

But the good news is that, Google Earth can take us to the center of the earth mentioned above in 3D.
Just click on "The center of the earth" and you will be taken there.
If you have Google Earth PC, Google Earth iPhone or Google Earth Android, installed search for “Cowboys Stadium, Arlington TX
Enjoy the Super Bowl, have fun!
Never mind what any one says, Thank God for America, Thank God for Football!
Google LatLong: Take a trip to the Super Bowl with Google Earth

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Copyright Troll, Drops 670 John Doe Porn-downloading Case.

Mick Haig Productions, an adult video company has dropped its lawsuit accusing 670 John Does, Internet users, of illegally downloading pornography. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Public Citizen (PC) are counsel for the anonymous defendants at the request of the court.

"Copyright owners have a right to protect their works, but they can't use shoddy and unfair tactics to do so," said EFF Intellectual Property Director Corynne McSherry. "When adult film companies launch these cases, there is the added pressure of embarrassment associated with pornography, which can convince those ensnared in the suits to quickly pay what's demanded of them, whether or not they have legitimate defenses. That's why it's so important to make sure the process is fair."
Mick Haig Productions dropped the case just 48 hours after EFF and PC demanded that it withdraw subpoenas Mick Haig's lawyer apparently issued while the question of whether the court should allow the subpoenas at all was still under consideration by the court.
"This dismissal is wonderful news for the 670 anonymous defendants in this case, but troubling questions remain about the behavior of Mick Haig Productions," said EFF Senior Staff Attorney Matt Zimmerman. "Given the extremely invasive power of subpoenas, plaintiffs have a duty to ensure that subpoenas are not misused. EFF is committed to ensuring that litigants are held accountable for taking shortcuts around the due process rights of their opponents, especially in cases such as this one where the very act of obtaining someone's identity could be improperly leveraged into pressure to settle a claim."
Copyright Troll Gives Up in Porn-Downloading Case
Another Copyright Troll, Drops 670 John Doe Porn Cases