Thursday, September 15, 2011

260MW, Is What It Takes To Power Google!

Google has given us a bunch of firsts over the years and now has become the first Internet giant to let us know how much power it uses. Those servers, computers and everything else uses 260MW continuously.
With all the major companies in the world, Google has stepped up to reveal how much energy it needs to run it's engines, big and small. In addition to providing you and me with mind blowing numbers, these figures also shed light on how much the the massive expansion of Internet is affecting the global power usage, thus helping policy makers and other people involved in understanding the facts.
The 260MW power used by Google in it's entirety is enough to power a small city of about 200,000 homes and most of this energy is used in it's data centers. This is after all the efforts Google has employed to reduce power usage. Like custom build data centers that uses various methods to increase efficiency.
Google's Data center in Finland uses sea water to cool it's innards cutting down on electricity usage. Over all, according to a professor at Stanford University, J.Koomey, Google is relatively energy efficient and uses only 1% of electricity for it's data centers worldwide. Google owns about 3% servers world wide.

It has abother side as well, companies hosting their email with GMail, or in the cloud, saves and as much as 80% energy efficient than running an in house system.
Google also reported that it uses as much as 25% energy from renewable sources and plans to increase it to 30% this year.
Official Google Blog: How our cloud does more with less

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