Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Oracle, Google Willing To Discuss Settlement In Court - Google Android Lawsuit

The federal Judge presiding over the Oracle Android law suit has requested both the parties, Oracle and Google settle in court and today was the last day to submit a reply.and Oracle has already responded, well before the deadline.Perhaps playing the upper hand that Oracle feels that it has;

Oracle President Safra Catz, and Thomas Kurian, Executive Vice President of Oracle Product Development.will represent Oracle and Andrew Rubin, Senior Vice President, Google Mobile and Kent Walker, Vice President and General Counsel of Google will represent Google.
Google also requested a magistrate Judge who is not involved with the case to be the mediation judge.

"    Oracle concurs with the Court’s view that an additional attempt at settlement of the case through mediation before a United State Magistrate Judge is warranted. Oracle has found previous efforts at settlement, including private discussions between the parties, frustrating for lack of follow-through, and believes that those efforts have not exhausted the possibilities for resolving the case.

    As suggested by the Court, Oracle considers it essential that both parties bring top-level executives. Accordingly, Oracle’s executive representatives in the mediation before the Magistrate Judge will be Safra Catz, President of Oracle Corporation, and Thomas Kurian, Executive Vice President of Oracle Product Development.

    Oracle will strive to make its representatives available as necessary and proposes that the mediation occur before the end of September. "

Here is the Google response;
Google welcomes the Court's suggestion that the parties participate in a mediation of this case before a Magistrate Judge. Google does not object to participating in a mediation before a Magistrate Judge who is not otherwise involved in this case.
Google recognizes the importance of having top executives of the parties attend the Court-ordered mediation. Google proposes that Andrew Rubin, who is Senior Vice President, Mobile and reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer, attend for Google together with Kent Walker, Vice President and General Counsel of Google. Mr. Rubin's executive responsibilities include all of Google’s mobile business, of which the Android business is a part. Mr. Rubin is knowledgeable regarding the issues in this case and he is fully empowered to resolve this matter on reasonable terms.
Google also understands from counsel for Oracle that they propose that Safra Catz and Thomas Kurian attend on behalf of Oracle -- and Google agrees with this choice. Ms. Catz is one of two Presidents of Oracle who, like Mr. Rubin, reports directly to Oracle's Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Rubin and Ms. Catz were involved in previous discussions involving the subject matter at issue in this case.
Thanks to FOSS Patents, we get to read these stuff before everyone else and I am waiting for the Google response. Might be interesting.

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