Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Tech Pier In SF, Pier 38 To Be Emptied By September 30th! America Cup Anyone?

After weeks of speculations and other stuff, San Francisco Port Authority has declared the pier to be unsafe for public.(the pic above was taken by Robert Scobble) One of our colleagues spent two good years of his life in this pier located on the San Francisco water front (map) and I have been to  Pier 38 last week.
Pier 38 houses a collection of tech companies including Automatic (Wordpress), DogPatch Labs (responsible for many startups housed here), Polaris Ventures, True Ventures, 99 Designs, EGG HAUS and a bunch more.
There are no real reasons or news yet but the fact that these companies will have to move and the question remains to where?
Perhaps Port Authority need the space for America Cup, just speculating!
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