Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Kubernetes An Open Source Container Cluster Manager

Based on Google's experience running Linux containers within Google, they have designed and released Kubernetes, An Open Source Container Cluster Manager. Google says that they use Omega within Google, but you and I have more modest needs. So to fill the gap / need, Kubernetes a lean yet powerful open-source container manager was released. The cluster manager deploy containers into a fleet of machines, provides health management and replication capabilities, and makes it easy for containers to connect to one another and the outside world.
(For the curious, Kubernetes (koo-ber-nay'-tace) is Greek for “helmsman” of a ship.)

According to Google:
"Kubernetes was developed from the outset to be an extensible, community-supported project. Take a look at the source and documentation on GitHub and let us know what you think via our mailing list. We’ll continue to build out the feature set, while collaborating with the Docker community to incorporate the best ideas from Kubernetes into Docker."

Via Google

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