Monday, November 10, 2014

Raspberry PI A+, The Latest Member Of Raspberry Family.

The Raspberry Pi, the credit card size computer, has a new member, Model A+ The PI Foundation Just announced.  It is an updated version of its Model A board,  smaller and more energy-efficient than its predecessor and costs $5 cheaper.
Improvements in the Model A+ includes more GPIO, with 40 pins now on board , and a micro SD card slot is taking the place of SD slot. Also in the mix is improved audio. The improvements to the GPIO means the A+ is able to communicate with expansion hardware boards for Raspberry Pi family. The A+ still carries only a single USB port, no Ethernet and 256MB of RAM, just like Model A.

According to the foundation, Model A+ inherits from the many improvements made to Model B+, the current flagship.

The Raspberry PI Foundation

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