Friday, September 29, 2006

Google reader goes further

Google comes out with a new google reader, with new interface, that I feel much better than the earlier one. The old interface will face retirement pretty soon, as soon as it is evident that the new interface will provide what users need. If you have a feature that was in the old interface and would like it also in the new interface, send an email to reader lab team via feedback. You might get that feature.
The new interface gives us;

  • Expanded view and list view
  • Simplified sharing functionality
  • Improved read-state management
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Unread counts
  • Mark all as read
.. To name a few. But there is much more. Also there is keyboard shortcuts displayed on the front page as you login, but disappears when you start browsing. I have to find out how to keep it on.
Here is a screen capture of the tips and tricks;

Another feature is that now you can catch feeds on your phone! According to the reader blog;
Google Reader can now be placed in your pocket, your handbag, your backpack, or thrown from person to person in a game of "keep away". We've just released a mobile-friendly interface for Google Reader.

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