Friday, September 15, 2006

Microsoft Does Something right! Right? Right!!

According to PUBPAT (Public Patent Foundation) 's blog, Microsoft has done something right. It has made an irrevocable promise yesterday to not assert any of its patents against the implementation of some web based standards. In drafting the promise, MS sought input from several folks within the Free / Open Source Software community,
"[T]he text of the OSP gives sufficient flexibility to implement the listed specifications in software licensed under free and open source licenses." is the response by REDHAT's Mark Webbink.
This is a solid evidence that M$ (my usual reference to Microsoft) is trying to flow with the tide. It is well known that the company is built and bent on hoarding rather than sharing.
It was also well known and accepted that patent restraints on standards are not good for businesses involved with that standard or the public in general.
Welcome to the real world, M$, You still will benefit from the standard that you promise to keep open as well as the rest of the world.

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