Monday, September 18, 2006

Microsoft tries to stop FairUse4WM, sends C&D email

Dugged via digg;
Ars Technica reports that " Last month, Ars reported that Microsoft's Windows Media Audio (WMA) digital rights management protection had been cracked, and a program called FairUse4WM had been written that would strip DRM data from purchased audio files. Microsoft was aware of the workaround, but did not seem too concerned, merely stating that "we designed the Windows Media DRM system to be renewable, so that if such events occur the system can be refreshed to address them." Now it seems that the company has gone a little further than that, sending out cease and desist orders to web sites hosting the FairUse4WM program. According to the owner of the web site BG4G, the orders came in via e-mail."
There is are discussions going on at two locations, Arstechnica and the original forum thread at DOOM9.ORG.
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