Thursday, September 28, 2006

QUAD Processor introduced by Intel at IDF fall 2006

Intel has informed us in its Fall developer's forum (IDF Fall 2006) in San Francisco, the release of the world's first quad-core processor for its desktops and servers.

The Intel Core 2 Extreme quad-core processor, is set to be released in November and is aimed at gamers and content creators. The quad-core Intel Xeon processor 5300 series, aimed for servers, will also ship this year.

The company will release its mainstream quad-processor called the Core 2 Quad during the first quarter of 2007. Also being shipped during the first quarter of 2007 is Intel's new low-power 50-watt quad-core Intel Xeon processor called the L5310 for blade servers. How about my notebook?

Youtube has a video no its two (I like the second one better) well a bunch of videos depicting the capabilities of the processor in a game environment. I did like what I saw.

DIGItimes reports;

Intel plans to launch its second-generation quad-core processors - the Yorkfield series–as replacement parts for the upcoming Core 2 Quad (codenamed Kentsfield) CPUs in the third quarter of 2007, motherboard makers familiar with Intel's latest roadmap revealed. Intel is on track for a roll-out of its Kentsfield series on November 16, according to the makers, adding that the first-generation quad-core lineup may be considered a transitional product segment due to insufficient design capability.

Since Kentsfield appears to have two separate L2 caches, shared separately by each pair of processors, bus bandwidth consequently increases, the makers said. In contrast, Yorkfield will have one L2 cache shared directly by each pair of chips, enabling more efficient quad-core operation, with less FSB bandwidth, the makers noted.

Intel's Yorkfield will be paired with the next-generation Bearlake chipset family, which will support a 1333MHz FSB and a PCI Express 2.0 interface, according to the makers. The first Yorkfield-based systems, which will utilize the Bearlake X chipset and DDR3-1333 memory, will target the high-end gaming market, said the makers.

Intel's Yorkfield will be manufactured on 45-nanometer (45nm) process technology, the makers indicated.

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