Thursday, September 14, 2006

Segway recalls all it's vehicles, personal transporters

BBC reports;
Segway, which launched the self-balancing scooter it said would "sweep over the world and change lives", is recalling all its vehicles.
our earlier article here;Geemodo: Lean to steer a segway's new i2 PT (Personal Transporter)

A glitch in the device's software means the machines, which cost up to $5,500 may unexpectedly change direction, causing riders to fall off.All 23,500 personal transporters - formerly known as human transporters - are being recalled.
Segway has had reports of six accidents causing head and wrist injuries. The repairs will be carried out at service centres around the world.

George W Bush once fell off a Segway, while Tony Blair was given one by the King of Jordan.

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