Monday, September 25, 2006

ZERT has VML patch out! I tested and it works

I was browsing Spamhuntress' (She is a huntress!, check out her banner and articles on her site!) site when I noticed her post about the ZERT's release of VML patch. I am glad for the post, since I was able to go to ZERT site and get the patch and apply it.

To all the Microsoft IE users, (Why aren't you using Firefox? Keep IE for windows update! And the rest you can do very well with Firefox) First go to this page on ZERT's site where you can test if you need the patch.
Warning! If you visit the above test page with an unpatched version of Internet Explorer it will crash.

I needed to patch mine and I did by downloading the patch and tested again. I am fine now!
My only question is, if four people could do this (Thanks ZERT), why M$ is spending time depending it's inability to provide a patch. M$, I know you are busy with VISTA!, but we all are still on XP!

The team who did it!

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