Friday, October 27, 2006

Bittorrent pirate Admin goes to jail,

Torrentfreak reports;

The 23 year old Grant Stanley has been sentenced to five months in prison, followed by five months of home detention, and a $3000 fine for his role in the private BitTorrent tracker Elitetorrents. This ruling is the first BitTorrent related conviction in the US.
Earlier He had admitted that he was guilty of pirating software, Via Elitetorrents,
snatched by the FBI operation better known as 'Operation D-Elite.
Operation D-Elite was carried out by the FBI with help from the MPAA in May 2005, and resulted in the shutdown of one of the largest private BitTorrent trackers at that time.
Go read the article and the following conversation at Torrentfreak and DIGG it if you like the article.
Slashdot also carries a conversation. Where I first learned about this news.

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