Saturday, October 14, 2006

Don't be a skype supernode, or how not to be!

Voip IP Telephony
VOIP IP Telephony: How to be or not to be a skype supernode?
explains how you can use skype for your day to day communications and yet not become a supernode. Usually Network admins, ISPs oppose use of Skype due to bandwidth consumption by the Skype application. Usually this happens when the computer, a node, becomes a supernode. The Skype has developed over the years and have attracted millions of users. So to support millions of users, Skype needs thousands, may be hundreds of thousands of Supernodes. So if you are skype a user may be you ought to read it.
But be forewarned, if all skype users do not want to become suppernodes, skype will collapse!

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Georg said...

To properly configure Skype including deactivation of "supernode" mode take look at