Thursday, October 19, 2006

San Francisco Google Free Wireless gets a Blow, almost literally

After reading this article VOIP IP Telephony: San Francisco picks Google for its Wireless!, I was waiting happily to connect my notebook or ipaq to free wireless from Google and earthlink, the chosen vendors from multiple picks.
I have been waiting too long, much too long. I thought it was on the way but I read today, on Davis Freeberg's blog about a townhall meeting. My jaw fell! Why do we have to deal with these stupid uneducated politicians? As David says I can understand if city has to pay or tax payers money is used to provide these services, activity groups has right to protest, but not violently, as may have happened as David describes.
David's description of opposition to free wireless;
"Some of the crazier demands that were suggested at the meeting included a “requirement” for every San Francisco renter to sign a lease addendum with their landlords before being allowed to install a WiFi card in their PC, forcing Google to agree to transport kids back and forth to the Zoo in their Google busses and a requirement for EarthLink to pay the electrical costs for running computers in order to prevent brownouts."
made me laugh and pity the stupid dumbnuts.
But I was sad to see this that this deal might go down the drain. Yes nothing comes free, but there are many a users in San Francisco that do dial up networking, so 300K connection, free will benefit many a folks.
I think those nuts should study the city of Mountan view; VOIP IP Telephony: Google wi-fi (goofi) approved by Mountainview City.; may be I will move there!
There is good discussion going on adavid'sds site and you better hurry over there, you might even get hints of as whom to vote for in next city elections.
Well here is the link to David's article.

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