Thursday, October 05, 2006

WGA = SPP, SPP=Kill Switch, Killed Vista => Linux Desktop!

All the Linux fans and developers of desktop software should rejoice! Today is the day of the beginning of new era for Linux desktops and distros. The server side of Linux is taking care of itself with the likes of Redhat, SUSE, Centos and the likes. But the desktops are in the form of waking up. Some of them are already in the acceptable form of cooperate desktop.
Well today's blogsphere is awash with news about SPP or the new version of WGA that will come with Vista. Knowing the way WGA behaved, SPP will also will lead to false positives. There is a difference right now. Imagine you are a big cooperation with 1000's of machines running M$ vista. Since M$ is focusing on eliminating piracy of Volume licensed keys, (Volume license allows a cooperation to use a single key on multiple machines), guess what is going to happen!
Lone user of XP that was falsely recognized as a pirated copy may spend time on the phone to get his copy validated again. But a cooperation or business with hundreds or thousands of desktops does not have time to do so. Frustration will build up.
These cooperation's and users are bound to windows because of applications they use. These applications are the life blood of their day to day work. If these applications ran on any platform, I don't think these companies care. So why they are not selecting Linux?
Knowledge!! The Linux distributions like Xandros have done a lot on their distribution and Xandros can run most of the business applications. Most of the other proprietary applications (likes of Oracle etc) are slowly moving to web and dependency on OS is slowly veining.
So Linux should plan to bring about a marketing campaign tied to Vista release. Plan to promote Linux aggressively as Vista is released and bring the campaign to it's peek in about six months after Vista is out.
So the people knows when Vista, goes down, that they have another path. Xandros and like distros could offer two license per single license of Vista at a lower price. Before you know, Linux will overtake M$.

SO back to SPP, There are number of places that you can read about and better written than here are, the best aggregation of the best articles are at Computerworld's IT Blog watch. It give you enough ideas and links to other bloggers that write well on the subject.
I specially liked the way he ended the article;
"But the Best Headline award goes to Harpreet Kaur:

Microsoft To Rip Your Head Off If You Pirate Vista"

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