Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Firefox 2.0 better at Phishing than IE7!

Washington post's Brian Krebs, I have referred to his articles here before, reports and writes about phishing (blocking) capabilities of two prominent browsers. From his article;
"The newly released Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Web browsers both include new technology to help flag and block phishing sites -- those authentic-looking Web sites set up by scammers to trick users into entering personal financial information.

So how do the browsers stack up against one another in a no-holds-barred, anti-phishing slug fest? One third-party test that pitted the browsers against two week's worth of phishing sites concluded that Firefox's phish net may have fewer holes than IE's."

Well I am not surprised and it is always pleasure to read Brian's articles. Head over there to get the scoop.

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