Friday, November 03, 2006

Just the right note pad for that lab project.

If you ever used (Who has not?) note pads, the good old paper version, I am sure you had legal pad in your hand and wished if you had a graph pad instead. On the other hand you may have had a graph paper in your and and drew lines on it to make it look like a legal pad.
Doane Paper has just what you need. He has combined legal pad with graph paper. And I think it is a cool idea. These are the things that patenting worth it's purpose. Duane has a patent pending on it and is good old innovation, idea, result and a patent business. I do not approve patents in software and ideas. But this I would have patented my self, if I came with the idea.
On the single sheet of his paper representing the site, you can download a sample of the paper in PDF or Jpeg (next article is about jpeg patent!) format, or you can order a three pack of the pads.
Well done Doane

Doane Paper

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