Monday, November 27, 2006

Microsoft Takes Advisory role, tries to teach Apple about Security

Ah Yes there is a tree in my eye, but let me takeout that dust spec out of your eyes before I attend to mine, because I know all about dust specs.
I got my Monday morning laugh after seeing the article, "Microsoft offers Apple security advice";
"As crazy as it sounds, a member of Microsoft's security team has blasted Apple for failing to coordinate its security efforts and to issue proper security advice."

Well the article is interesting as so far timeliness not the essence of M$. Also I don't think any out side security experts developed patches, security patches for Mac OS X. But I am certain that they did for Microsoft. So who is this Joker? According to his article, blog post, he has only been doing this years, I guess the guy need to add only few more years, from the state of Microsoft's timeliness and security patches.
Or may be he is just pushing Apple to do it, so that the methods of better security management could be emulated on windows platform!
Anyway, I guess his his next advise might be to Linus, explaining how to manage Linux security.
Hello Mr. Toulouse, go watch happy feet! You might learn something.

Security Focus "Microsoft Offers Apple Security advice"
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