Sunday, November 12, 2006

M$'s Allchin back tracks on Vista Virus Statement

"I meant Vista is the Virus" no I am just kidding. Anyway Allchin is no spin doctor, he cant spin his butt out of ****, if he had to.
But according to an article published on the official vista blog,
To counter the endless news stories, his official Vista blog carries a clarifying statement about what he actually said. To paraphrase, he explained that his son was able to use Vista without AV protection because it was locked down with parental controls, meaning no instant messaging, email or other common vectors of attack, and this coupled with Vista improved security model meant that it was possible to run without AV in this kind of heavily locked down situation.
What a load of bull Allchin, Put your sons computer on the net and see what happens. Anyway the final result is that Vista needs Virus protection and a firewall. Probably not M$ solution, they tend to hide what you don't know.
" In fact, later in the call, I explicitly made this point again, because I had realized I wasn’t as clear as I should have been."
It is alright Allchin, M$ never have been!

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