Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Novell and Microsoft agree to disagree?!

The recent agreement between software giants are bringing out disagreements. The webspace is awash with the information and I get my daily dose from Groklaw.net. Pamela at Groklaw has been an ardent supporter of the Open Source since SCO began it's fud (Fear Uncertinity and Doubt) and that long I have been a member of her Weblog, forum.
Through Groklaw, I landed on this news item, "Novell disputes claim by Microsoft on patents" on Seattlepi.

In a twist that underscored the unlikely nature of their alliance, Novell Chief Executive Ron Hovsepian publicly distanced his company Monday from Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer's statement last week that the open-source Linux operating system contains patented Microsoft technology.

"Importantly, our agreement with Microsoft is in no way an acknowledgment that Linux infringes upon any Microsoft intellectual property," Hovsepian wrote in a letter to the open-source community, posted on Novell's Web site. He added, "When we entered the patent-cooperation agreement with Microsoft, Novell did not agree or admit that Linux or any other Novell offering violates Microsoft patents.""




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