Sunday, November 26, 2006

PC games Versus Console games.

Although I have latest PC hardware, Dual Core CPU's, SLI Dual graphic cards, 4GB memory , Sata Hard drives, 22" wide LCD displays, I never play games on my PC. But I do have friends who spend countless hours on PC's playing Half life or counter strike.
When I want to play games, I reach for a console, PS2, Game cube, XBOX 360.(I don't have the latest consoles!, I am not the type who stand on th lines to get anything.) There is something different in playing games over the console and 42" latest Plasma TVs. I get immersed in the game, get tired and get back to work on my PC ;).
The only PC game I bought was the Microsoft Flight simulator, but I don't see my self playing it.
So when I saw the article by Playfuls, "Analysis: Did Consoles Kill the PC as a Gaming Platform?" my answer is yes! If all the people feel like I do, then it is certainly dead. But since it is not dead yet, I think there are more people still play games on PC's. But as these console wars, continue, more consoles in the market, I think there will be lesser and lesser PC games.
Go read the Playfuls article, it is a good analysis on the subject.

Analysis: Did Consoles Kill the PC as a Gaming Platform?

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