Sunday, November 26, 2006

WGA, OGA, Vista EULA and Happy Feet

Follow the Happy Feet, (Photo copy right of Happy Feet Movie)
M$ do something other than Balming FUD, they are coming.

With all the hoopla about WGA, that made a quite a stir, new stuff is on the way to stir up M$ scene. These includes OGA? (whats is this?) Vista EULA and WGA that is well hidden and protected should give much for Web loggers and tech writers to write about.
Sorry they already do. This morning I came across 3 such postings that made me think hard about an article that I am planing to write.
First, What is OGA? Office Genuine Advantage, just like WGA, office 2007 will carry the same disabling capabilities of Vista, rendering any documents created with office 2007. But M$ does not say that out right, just that it has that right to do so. Read about that right later.
ZDNets All about Microsoft states, "Buried in a Knowledge Base article that Microsoft published to the Web on November 14 are details of Microsoft’s plans to combat Office 2007 piracy via new Office Genuine Advantage lockdowns."
"But now Microsoft’s intentions are clear: Just as it is doing with Vista, Microsoft plans to incorporate what basically amounts to a “kill switch” into Office 2007. Office 2007 users who can’t or won’t pass activation muster within a set time period will be moved into “reduced-functionality mode,” according to Microsoft’s Knowledge Base article."
Read more at the link given below.
The other article I would like to bring to your attention is the one from Security Focus. I did not go there looking for vista, I was just checking security stuff when I noticed the article "Vista's EULA Product Activation Worries" by Mark Rasch. It was a really a good writing that I gulped all four pages in one go.The article is full of information and too long to summarize here. But I will add the last paragraph here;
"And what if Microsoft is wrong, and they disable your software erroneously? Well, you can keep buying and activating their software until you are successful. And that means more fees to Redmond. Or, following the movie “Happy Feet,” you can decide to find software with a little penguin on it."

ZDNets All about Microsoft article Yes, there is an Office 2007 'kill switch'
Security Focus Vista EULA

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