Wednesday, November 01, 2006

With a two weeks (about) old trademark, utube sues youtube!

According to Sara Goo, Washington Post, Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corp., of Perrysburg, Ohio, sued YouTube Inc. Earlier this week, claiming that millions of people confused its Web site,, for the online video site where people watch entertaining home-made videos.
YouTube, which stands to be $1.65 billion richer after Google Inc. completes its purchase, because the trademark was only registered on October 18th. I am not a lawyer so I do not know the legal implications, but it is obvious that court will see this trademark info. It is up to the judge to decide I guess.
Sara has mentioned that she has emailed Youtube for a response and she might post it if she gets a reply.
Trademark info was provided by comment by Jake.

Sara Goo
utube (Huh no link, go find your self)
utube trademark registry if link does not work, search for trade mark ID 77023852.

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