Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Zune keeps on dropping in Munster report!

On Nov 16th Zune had the 7th spot on Amazon list of best selling MP3 players. But according to this PC Magazine article, It dropped to 13 on the list only five days after launch, on Nov. 20.
Do you believe in lucky numbers and Bad Omens?
"The buzz that Microsoft was able to generate for the Zune's launch clearly helped the player in its first week, but much of the publicity took the form of Zune/iPod comparisons," Munster wrote. He added that these comparisons show that Zune "failed to match up in the eyes of most reviewers" to the iPod, a fact that negatively affected sales of the device.

Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore wrote Monday that the iPod continues to be a strong seller going into the busy holiday shopping season, and the 30G-byte video iPods-- with which Zune competes-- "appear to be immune to the Zune." He said both the 30G-byte video iPods and the new 4G-byte iPods nanos currently are popular with consumers.

A note about Apple's performance from financial firm UBS IT hardware analyst Ben Reitzes also said that Zune does not appear to be any threat to iPod at this time.
You can read more at yahoo news article, listed below.

Microsoft's Zune Player Not Challenging iPod Sales

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