Monday, December 18, 2006

Blu-Ray for your PC or Notebook

May be so far you have been thinking of Blu-Ray as one of the best High Definition (HD) video player. But Blu-Ray is capable of much more than that. ZDNet has an article by Marty Gordon Vice President, Philips Hollywood office, about PC manufacturers adding Blu-Ray to their products or in the process of doing so. The list includes Pioneer, Sony, Samsung, BenQ, Panasonic and Philips and DELL being one of the first to add Blu-Ray to product line.
I think a 50GB or so writable media will be a great benefit to many a people including me. I have 240GB drive capacity on my dual hard drive notebook. But only 120GB is at my disposal. Why? because I have raided my drives for protection. I do most of my work on my notebook and any given time there could be 1-5 active projects and 1-10 projects on hold and 1-5 completed projects ready to be archived to devices on the home network or at work. These runs to about 50GB due to the nature of my work. A Blu-Ray disk will take all these data and keep it safe and at hand.
This particular notebook could be booted in to 6 different OS's, Windows, Linux, BSD, and Solaris x86. If I could make a bootable Blu-Ray disk, there will be no worries about failing hard drives. All my OS's allow me to load it in to the memory, ( I have 2GB of memory) except windows. But I have an live boot CD that is concocted using windows and open source technologies.
Yes I like what Blu-Ray is doing to video, I just got a 1080P Sony Barvia. But I am looking forward to see how Blu-Ray and HDDVD perform on this baby. But I like to have a Blu-ray for my computer first!.

Blu-Ray Buzz on ZDnet

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