Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Drupal, Venture Skills, let you get Dugg like Digg while Pligg getting older

I ran in to a article by venture skills site, a site I visit for tech info on various subjects.
I have been interested in site like Digg, just because of; it's popularity, neatness, value and you can add what ever you want here. There are many a solutions to create a Digg site since many followers has come up with clever ideas. Pligg comes to my mind but there are many more.
By the way Pligg is having its Birthday soon Dec 17, and site promises gift galore on that day. So paying a visit might pay off.
But VS article is the first I notices targeting Drupal, a product that I have been playing, installing and maintaining for a few years.
VS takes you through simple steps of installing Drupal, and adding modules to complete the required task to get dugged.
At the end of instructions, you will have a simple Digg like site but VS promises a second article that will add more modules and interface mods.
So if you want to get digged, dugged, follow the links.

Venture Skills Drupal digg article
Pligg digg like

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